Wednesday, January 23, 2013

FFA Member of the Week: Mowing Lawns and Meeting New Friends

Name: T.J. Graves
Chapter: Brainerd FFA
Year in School: Junior
Favorite Color: Orange
Fun fact: T.J. moved to Minnesota from Illinois about four years ago.
In 2010 T.J. was off to try out something new, something called FFA. Knowing that his family had been involved in FFA as well in the past, T.J. was ready to give it a shot. T.J. knew he had a passion for agriculture and, realized that the FFA would be a prime place to learn about, and work hands on with agriculture.

T.J. wasted no time getting involved with FFA, and by involved we’re talking all out. Just to name a few things he’s been involved in so far, T.J. has been to not only two state conventions, but national convention as well. This past summer T.J. also attended SLCCL in Hackensack, MN where he was able to acquire more leadership skills as well as meet new friends from across the state. Most recently T.J. applied and was accepted to attend Ag Policy Bootcamp, where he was able to learn about current agricultural policies and meet with legislators. Last year because of his involvement with the FFA and his strong SAE, T.J. was even awarded the Star Chapter Farmer. All of these things are simply a precursor to his future goal of becoming a State FFA Officer.

Although T.J. has a passion for participating in agriculture his favorite thing to do is to be able to meet new members and friends with the FFA. T.J. realizes that FFA is a mutual beneficial program for himself and his chapter. T.J. is the chapters’ secretary as well as the chapters’ PALS co-chair. On the flip side, FFA has been able to help him by awarding him several grants to start his SAE project, TJ’s Lawn Care.

T.J. is a true example of some of the things an FFA member should do. T.J. makes an agricultural impact through FFA by interacting in agricultural classes, and then sharing his agricultural knowledge when he participates in community events. Not only can T.J. help in his community but he uses his time to help improve the chapter by doing things such as diversifying the chapters’ social media such as making a chapter website as well as a chapter Facebook page.

Congratulations to T.J Graves, this weeks FFA member of the week!!

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