Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Changing Seasons

Today I had the opportunity to witness a beautiful field of wheat being harvested near my house.  As I gazed at the farmer harvesting his crop, it made me think about the change that was to come rather soon.  Many people instantly jump to the changing of seasons from summer to fall.  This is not the only change to soon come however.  In each of our lives there will be a change as we begin to transition into the fall.  This transition for some may look like starting school in a new grade that is filled with new chances to learn, see old friends, while making new ones and so many more that cannot even be numbered.  While for others, the upcoming months may look like harvest.  Farmers get to see their years’ work pay off as they begin another year of taking their crops from the fields.  One thing is for certain though, all of us agriculturalists know that the new season will bring a change to our own lives as well as bringing a new atmosphere to Minnesota agriculture.
               Ever since I was in middle school I had wanted to be an engineer.  It fit perfectly because I was so fascinated by the way things worked but more importantly, how to improve on them.  As I progressed through school however, I had another interest, and of course that was agriculture.  It took me awhile to realize that the two worked hand in hand and that I had an opportunity to go to school to become an Agriculture and Biosystems Engineer.  I was so excited to be able to make a difference in agriculture and be a part of feeding the world’s ever growing population.  Although I am still excited about those things, I am nervous to see what college has in store for me.  I know that I will have amazing opportunities in college, and that I have the chance to be independent and do everything myself.  However, I have to be independent and do everything myself.  This is kind of a contradiction because there are so many things that scare me about college like if I am doing the right thing or even if I’ll make it, but also I know that there are things waiting for me that I would never get the opportunity to encounter anywhere else. 

               I know that the contradiction of being scared and excited is inside each one of us as we come into a changing of the seasons and a changing of our environment.  Take the farmer who I saw harvesting his wheat today.  He put so much into growing a good crop whether its money, time or just flat out faith and hope that everything will turn out okay.  He has no idea that when he plants the seeds in the ground if they will even sprout, but he has to believe that what he is doing is the right thing.  I know without a doubt that not only him, but every farmer in Minnesota is worried about what yield they may get or if prices will make it worth all of their hard work, but they also are excited for harvest.  They are excited to see what they will get and what Mother Nature will do for Minnesota’s fields this year.  So as we approach this change in season, although you and I know there is risk, know that there will always be opportunities where there is fear.  We must remember that we make the most from these opportunities, when we take action despite our fears.  "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear." Ambrose Redmoon

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