Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Got Compliments?

I’m going to tell you something straight from the heart… I love compliments, and to be honest, I think it’s a habit that has diminished over the years. Maybe it is the busy-ness of our schedules that we forget to take the time to tell someone that their shoes are cool, their hair cut is stylish, or that their personality really made you smile today. I think we a forgetting about a simple thing that can brighten basically anyone’s day.

I’ll be one to admit … I do enjoy surfing for funny videos on YouTube. I’m not all that interested in cat videos like my teammate, but I do find time to watch videos produced by SoulPancake. These creators feature different videos for diverse people. From Kid President to the Science of Happiness, these videos will tug at your heartstrings. I have inserted here one of my favorite videos produced by SoulPancake. Take a minute to watch it…

A microphone and speakers set up in the middle of the city so people can express compliments might be a little out of the ordinary but it definitely got these people to express their feelings towards another individual whether it was their child, parent, friend, spouse, or coworker. 

It shouldn't take a mega headphone set and microphone to assert our gratitude towards the people we care about. Let's be frank... I don't always express my gratitude towards people like I should. I'm putting a challenge out there for both you and me. 

The challenge is: Compliment 3 people a day

That's it.

 T-H-R-E-E people. 

I'm up for the challenge... are YOU? 

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