Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Like Water, Like Life

Sometimes life breaks against the rocks but it will always return to calm water.

This past weekend I got the wonderful opportunity to go and visit the picturesque city of Duluth in what some may argue the most beautiful time of the year, fall. The leaves where all turning bight fall colors and there was a slight chill in the air as the waves swept against the rocky shore. I stopped to admire the scene and God’s creation and captured this amazing picture.

The first thing a lot of us want to do when we get a great picture, at least me, is post it on social media! I got ready to post the picture but decided that this picture can’t go without a good quote.  I sat and thought about all the things water can mean, we hear analogies all the time with water and water breaking against rocks, so I decided to compare this picture to life with my own original quote, “Sometimes life breaks against the rocks but it will always return to calm water.”

In life there are events and periods of time that can really get us down, everything around us just seems to be falling apart and nothing is going the way we want it to. I know I have had these times and have definitely been discouraged by them. When comparing it to the picture, our life is the water, moving freely always going somewhere and then at any moment we can hit a rock. That rock may look different in each of our lives; it could be failing a test, losing a loved one, or a fight with your best friend. After we hit that rock we feel there is nothing we can do and everything is just chaos, just like that water is being sprayed everywhere.

There is good news, although this picture doesn’t show it, two seconds later the water was falling off the rock and going back out to the calm Lake Superior. Just like in our lives, the chaos will fade and life will move one. It may take more than a few seconds like the water but it will eventually return to the calm. We need to do our best at looking forward and keeping a positive mind set because in the moment everything may feel disoriented but it will soon return to the calm that we are familiar with.

Just like the water wears down on the shore by breaking against it, we can learn and grow from the rocks and tough times in our lives.
Brady Wulf
Minnesota State FFA Treasurer 

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