Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Together We...

In FFA, we often teach, learn, and stress the importance of teamwork. According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, teamwork is, “the work done by people who work together as a team to do something.” The key part of that definition: work together. We all know that teamwork is vital for an effective group, but what about the success at the end? This is exactly what the 2015 Minnesota FFA State Theme is trying to envail!

Together we can accomplish great things. I know for my local FFA chapter, along with many other FFA chapters, we participate in an annual corn drive in the fall. Members who are able to participate come together to collect grain from farmers in our community. We go out and talk with numerous farmers about FFA and ask if they would like to donate grain with the proceeds being donated to True Friends, a camp for individuals with emotional, mental, and physical disabilities. This is a fantastic event where we get to connect with our local supporters and raise money for a good cause.

As we participate in the corn drive each year, it doesn’t seem like we are raising much, especially as a smaller chapter. However, we have to think about the entire picture. We are raising funds to provide individuals with an experience that may light up their world by attending camp. We are helping individuals learn skills that may never have been possible. We are potentially changing an individual's life.

When we sit and wonder how our small contributions are making a difference, I remember back to this past weekend when we had an FFA Board Meeting at True Friends in Annandale. One alarming fact was given to us: Since 1953, Minnesota FFA as donated 5.5 MILLION dollars to True Friends. Together we are providing thousands of individuals with an experience of lifetime! Together we are making a difference in the world. Together we are building a stronger community. Together we are serving those across the state of Minnesota. We all know teamwork is important, but more importantly, we need to know that TOGETHER WE can accomplish extraordinary things!

To learn more about True Friends, please visit their website at

Stationed by the Door,

Sam Johnson

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