Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Spread Happiness: It's Simple!

I was so excited to compete at the National FFA Agriscience fair my junior year of high school. I was the first person from my chapter to compete at National Convention and was so excited to experience something new! When the time came to give my presentation, nothing seemed to go right. The internet was slow, items were falling off my display, the speakers were not working, and I just so happened to be losing my voice. I was so flustered in this moment that I had to make a decision. I could go through my presentation and be down about life and how my day was going, or I could change my mood and take this wonderful experience in, no matter the outcome. I could change my attitude and be happy for this opportunity and enjoy my time at National Convention. In that moment, I realized that my choice for happiness can have a total transformation on my attitude not only for that day, but for every day to come.

Since we are past New Years by a few days, the joyous holiday season is coming to a close. Now that the holiday season is past, everyone goes back to work and school and sometimes that joy and happiness are hard to find. I thrive off of the joy and happiness of others, but what if there is something we could do to have joy and happiness? We can!

Happiness and joy are two things we can make happen every single day. There are so many easy and convenient ways to make today a better day. Instead of being upset with a grade we got on a test, we could use it to work harder for the next test. Instead of being tired and crabby when we wake up early in the morning, we can remind ourselves that today is a new day and to make the most of it! Each of us have the willpower to make a difference in the lives of others and to make the world a better place.

One of my favorite videos to watch when I need a little reminder to choose happiness is Kid President’s A Pep Talk video. With over 37 million views, Kid President has spread happiness with one video. We are so connected to technology. If we share this video with someone or share this video on our page, we too can spread happiness just like Kid President does.

(If the video is not working on your device, here's a link!

But what if we took it one step further and posted a positive comment on a friend’s page or called that friend and took them out for lunch? Spreading happiness is a simple thing each of us can do each day, and I know that each of you can do that! You can spread happiness in any way you deem appropriate. Here are a few suggestions that I am going to do:
  1. Send someone a text message about how much they mean to me.
  2. Call a friend and give them a compliment.
  3. Write a letter to someone.
  4. Smile.

You too can help make the world a better place, one happy action at a time.

Stationed by the Door,

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