Thursday, February 25, 2016

Why FFA Week is really all about YOU!

Hey guess what! I have a question for you!
Who is FFA Week about?
Is it about our chapters? Is it about our state officers? How about our advisors? Chapter officers?
Well the answer is simple. You.
Yes, you. This great week that sparks millions of social media posts around the country is entirely and completely about you.
Don’t believe me? Let me show you!
Harmon Wilts is dedicated to connecting community members with their local FFA programs and helping those FFA programs grow. He is currently serving as the Minnesota FFA Alumni President and shares the importance of giving back and supporting this generation of FFA members. He is what FFA Week is all about.
Brandon Roiger is a college student at the University of Minnesota. Two years ago he served as the Minnesota FFA State Reporter. Even a couple years removed from his office, he continues to find ways to serve Minnesota FFA, whether he is facilitating conferences, working as a recreational director, working on the Convention News, or writing curriculum. He is giving back even after his time in FFA. He is what FFA Week is all about.
Paul Aarsvold has two jobs. He is a full-time Ag Teacher/FFA advisor, and he’s also a full-time dad…to my siblings and me. As a teacher, he puts in time preparing lesson plans, provides resources for Career Development Event teams, and guides his chapter. As a parent, he offers wisdom and guidance to his children and helps them in all of their FFA (and non-FFA) endeavors. He is what FFA Week is all about.
Kyra Nichols is a 10th grader in the Zumbrota-Mazeppa FFA Chapter. She has taken an active role in developing her leadership skills by attending numerous conferences on the region and state level. She works hard at practicing the FFA Creed, which she will be reciting her career development event at state convention this April. She is what FFA Week is all about.
Rebecca Hoeft was never in FFA. She never wore the blue jacket but still has dedicated much of her time and skills to supporting those who do. She has served on the Minnesota FFA Foundation Board the past several years and is now its chair. She supports students by making sure the opportunities offered to members are possible. She is what FFA Week is all about.
I know what you’re thinking, “Wait a minute PJ, I thought you said FFA Week was all about me, but now you’re saying it’s all about these people. How does that work?”
That’s a great question! The truth is, FFA Week IS all about you, and FFA Week IS all about them too. FFA Week is about each and every one of us. FFA is so much more than any one group of people. It is when we all come together that we achieve all that we are. Together we make the bigger picture that is a beautiful emblem on the back of a blue corduroy jacket. We are all pieces of a greater puzzle.
So whoever you are, whether a current or past member, parent, advisor, alumni, supporter, or someone who is just hearing about FFA for the first time, FFA is all about you, because it is about all of us. Agriculture affects each and every one of us, so this big celebration of ours is about all of us. Together We are all a part of this amazing, crazy, life-changing organization. It takes everyone involved to make it as incredible as it is which is why we are all worth celebrating.

Stationed by the Rising Sun,

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