Wednesday, May 4, 2016

He’s Got Your Goat

He’s Got Your Goat
By: Guest Blogger, Kylee Kohls, Litchfield FFA  

Hearing, “Congratulations to Matthew Schoenbauer with his Grand Champion Doe here at the 2015 Minnesota State FFA Goat Show!” makes Matthew’s day, knowing all the hard work he has put into his goat project was worth it.

Colton, Matthew's herd sire,
here at 1 year old.
Matthew Schoenbauer, of the Southwest Metro FFA Chapter, started working on his Goat SAE in 2014 when he won two market wethers at the Scott County Fair. After exhibiting at the 2014 Minnesota State Fair, he decided he wanted to stay in the Boer goat project, purchased does, and started Triple M Boer Goat Ranch in New Prague, MN. One year later, he had successfully grown his herd to 60 kidding does.

He prides himself on the current and trendy genetics he uses in his herd. In 2015, Matthew purchased Colton, a stud buck, from Breezy Acres Boer Goats in Fairmont, MN. About half of his herd is purebred Boer, a third being percentage Boer goats, and the rest being commercial goats. About three-fourths of his herd is also registered with the American Boer Goat Association.

“For me, kidding is the hardest part. Especially with the winter we had last year. It’s always so hard losing the kids that you were so excited to see because you’ve been planning for that ‘great one’ all year,” said Matthew when I asked him what his least favorite part about his SAE is. Triple M Boer Goats kids a few does in the fall months, but the majority of the kidding occurs January through April. He spreads out his kidding season for different ages of kids; the fall kids hoping to be does for Senior Does for the State Fair and the winter/spring kids for market wethers and Junior Does.

Matthew sells his show quality stock private treaty to a few other 4-H and FFA members he knows in his area and consigns a few to the Jackson County 4-H Sheep and Goat Sale for youth in the goat show circuit.
Matthew with his 2015 FFA Champion Doe
and Overall Champion Market Goat

“Showing is my favorite part,” said Matthew. Seeing his dedication and long days and nights in the barn all come to fruition in the show ring is what gives him the drive to move forward in the goat project. The 2015 MN State FFA Show was gratifying for Matthew as he received Grand Champion Doe and Reserve Champion Overall Wether with goats he raised - with his genetics.

Although, he wouldn’t be where he is today without all the mentors involved in helping him with his Boer Goat project; Breezy Acres Boer Goats from Fairmont, MN and a friend in Iowa have been Matthew’s biggest supporters and mentors throughout the last couple of years. Because of the strong mentoring aspect Matthew has received, he strives to portray a strong mentoring aspect when he works with other youth in the goat project. Matthew loves meeting new people and helping other kids learn what this project is all about. Matthew wants to continue the Triple M Boer Goat Ranch, hopefully one day being the number one breeder in the state, but more importantly being a good mentor for other 4-H and FFA members, enjoying his time spent with other youth in the goat project.
Matthew proudly stands with his
FFA Advisor and mentor, Mr. Stone, with his awards.

Another mentor, Mr. Mark Stone - his FFA Advisor, has had a large impact on Matthew’s life and project. As a result of Mr. Stone and his mentorship, Matthew will be receiving his State Degree at the 2016 MN FFA State Convention!   

Congratulations Matthew on your success in the Boer Goat project and good luck in your future endeavors!

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