Wednesday, October 2, 2013

FFA Member of the Week: FFA Chapter Worker & Classroom Woodworker

Casey McCollum from the Ulen-Hitterdal FFA chapter is the most recent FFA member of the week. He has contributed to agricultural education and FFA by participating in several events at the local, regional, and state levels. Read below how Casey answered some common questions you might be wondering about him.

Name: Casey McCollum
Chapter: Ulen-Hitterdal
Year in School: Senior
Favorite Color: Blue
Fun Fact: I enjoy woodworking.

How did you get started in FFA?
My older brother helped me get started in FFA when he encouraged me to join the Ag Sales CDE. From there he continued to promote the program and provide advice through his personal experiences.

What drew you to the organization?
I was drawn to FFA because of its opportunities and skills it could provide for me like leadership and personal growth. I was also interested in the program because it looked like fun and coming from a small agriculture based town, it was an organization most people were involved in.

What have you been involved in so far as an FFA member? 
As an FFA member I have been involved in the Ag Sales CDE competitions, regional and chapter offices, the chapter community garden, SLCCL, state convention and national convention.

What is your favorite part of FFA? My favorite part of FFA is the people. There are so many positive people involved in FFA that all have a passion for agriculture and the organization.

How has FFA benefited you so far? 
FFA has benefited me the most by making some of my great qualities stand out. It has developed my public speaking skills and confidence, and it has helped develop a positive image of myself and even contribute to academic successes.

What have you done to benefit your chapter?
I have benefited my chapter by my dedication to FFA. I have always encouraged young and inc oming members while providing a fun and positive image for the FFA. I attend community garden maintenance and harvesting sessions. I also actively participate in chapter fundraising activities.

What is your SAE? 
My Supervised Agricultural Experience program involves operating a lawn care service for three years in my hometown of Ulen. My lawn care service has grown to nearly 20 lawn care accounts.

What is your favorite ag class? 
My favorite ag class is Woods because it is a hands-on class and provides me with life long knowledge and skills to develop my woodworking hobby.

What are two specific examples of how you have helped your chapter grow? (events, newsletters, service projects, recruitment, community awareness, etc)
I have encouraged younger and incoming FFA members to join the organization by promoting CDE competitions, agricultural leadership activities like Fall Rally, and noting the opportunities available within the organization. It is important to promote FFA to young members as they are the future of the chapter and the organization.
I also actively participate in the chapter community garden. The community garden produces a variety of fruits and vegetables that are harvested and given to local food shelves. Our FFA chapter is one of twenty chapters in the nation involved.

What kind of career/college plans are you thinking about? 
I plan to attend NDSU next year and pursue an agriculture-related major.