Friday, November 22, 2013

Beyond November Thankfulness

As November is coming to an end and Thanksgiving is closely approaching, I’m reminded of the things I’m thankful for. I’m thankful for my family who shows me love and support from miles away, my friends who add excitement to life, FFA members for being passionate about agriculture and serving others, and for my faith in Christ. I’m thankful for so many things; the list could go on and on.
As I think about the things I’m thankful for I have to ask myself: how can I show that I’m grateful for these things? 

In one of my classes this week we were talking about the concept of people taking shortcuts or going the second mile. Some of you may recognize this idea as it is from the Habitudes series written by Tim Elmore. Most of us tend to do what is most comfortable and convenient for us. We always try to get somewhere using the fastest route or we work together on a homework assignment to get it done quicker. Growing up, we have been taught to look for these shortcuts.

Among the shortcuts we can get lost within speed, convenience, and efficiency. We can easily lose sight of what is truly meaningful in life. That being the things we are thankful for like the people we love and the moments we could enjoy. If we slowed down enough to truly appreciate it, we could offer something to the world in order to leave it a better place. “There are some things in life we can’t reach by shortcut.” – Tim Elmore.

Those that go the extra mile usually have to put extra time in and may work a little harder, but they have experienced things no one else has because of their service. Those that go the second mile are devoted to serving others whereas those that take shortcuts do so with their own interest in mind.

As we head forth into this holiday of being thankful, let's show others how grateful we are. Avoid the shortcuts and go the extra mile. Pitch in when it comes to cleaning the house, offer to watch your siblings so your mom can get her work done, or go spend time with the elderly in your community. There are so many ways we can show others we are thankful for them. Let's take action and celebrate the season of thankfulness by showing others now and past the holiday season that we appreciate them.

Stationed by the Ear of Corn,
Brooke Wente