Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FFA Member of the Week: A Part of Something Bigger

Name:  Kong Meng Lee
Chapter:  Humbolt FFA
Year in School:  Freshman
Favorite Color:  Blue
Fun Fact:  He loves to make jokes and get people to laugh!

Kong Meng Lee is a member of an FFA chapter that is located in the middle of St. Paul and was first exposed to Agricultural Education in 7th grade in a Small Animals class.  He had seen signs and posters for FFA around the school and classroom and was curious, but it wasn't until 8th grade that he became a member.  After hearing about the history of FFA, the motto, and the creed, a light bulb came on and he knew he wanted to be a part of this national youth organization.  He is glad to be a part of something that challenges him while presenting the opportunity to have fun and laugh with friends!

Since becoming an FFA member, Kong has tried a little bit of everything!  He is so excited to try these new things that he can't pick just one!  From the Small Animals CDE to Nursery Landscape, and from Food Science to Poutlry Judging--Kong's gotten his hand on all of it.  He looks forward to participating in the Parliamentary Procedure CDE next year as well as Poultry Judging again.

Kong loves being a part of FFA because he knows it can help him, and any other students, shine and succeed!  He has learned the importance of agriculture and leadership.  He believes that Agricultural Education is one of the only places where there is hands-on learning that really prepares you for college.  This young and excited FFA member truly loves being a member and some of his favorite things include letting other people know about our organization and passing on his knowledge to other younger students.

Kong received his first FFA Jacket through the MN FFA Foundation's Blue Jackets Bright Futures program and was able to wear HIS own jacket for the first time at MN FFA Day at the Capitol during FFA Week.  He loves wearing his jacket because it makes him feel professional and because he gets to tell anyone and everyone about FFA when they ask him about his "uniform."  He is no longer feels like just a student, and is inspired to help others, do something awesome, and be a leader whenever he puts on the blue jacket.

Within the Humbolt FFA Chapter, Kong is not yet an officer, but that doesn't mean he doesn't find other ways to better his chapter.  He has made a positive difference by organizing and displaying the membership roster that everyone wants to become a part of, or making FFA informational fliers and putting them in the teacher's mailboxes to have them talk to other students about joining.  He does this because he wants everyone to feel inspired to be a leader just like he has been!

Another fantastic event that Kong is a part of is the agricultural literacy event that Humbolt FFA coordinates at the Cherokee Elementary, an urban school.  Kong and other FFA members help the 3rd graders make butter and explain how butter is only possible because of agriculture.  He loves working with the students and practicing his leadership skills while teaching about agriculture, an industry that is so important to everyone.

In the future, Kong wants to become an Agriculture Teacher.  Why?  Because he wants to stay involved in FFA and help future generations to see how great of an organization it is.  He wants to pass on all of the life lessons and advice he has received because it has helped him be successful and proud of who he is, and he wants all students to feel the same way.

Congratulations to our newest FFA Member of the Week, Kong Meng Lee, a proud Humbolt FFA member and leader!

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