Wednesday, March 27, 2013

FFA Member of the Week: Active on EVERY Level!

Name: Brooke Wente
FFA Chapter: Morris Area FFA Chapter
Year in School: Senior
Favorite Color: Aqua Blue
Fun Fact about you: In October Brooke will be competing for a third time in a Career Development Event at the National FFA Convention.
Brooke was one of those students who always knew she was going to be in FFA because she had watched her family in the past be a part of the organization. Brooke could not wait to get her very own blue corduroy jacket and she immediately joined as a freshman in high school! And as she got involved she discovered her own passion for the organization and enjoys meeting people from all parts of the state and learning from them.
Brooke never passes by an opportunity to get involved in the FFA. She has attending camps and conferences at the chapter, region, state, and even the national level! Developing her leadership abilities every step of the way! She has also competed in several CDE’s at all levels which have further developed those career and technical skills. She then applies all she learns to better her community and those around her. Brooke lives the FFA motto of learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, and living to serve in the life every single day!
She has put a lot of efforts into developing her FFA Chapter! Their officer team this year set a personal team goal of growing their membership to over 100 members which they accomplished! Also, Brooke and her team started a brand new “Greenhand Day” where they recognized greenhands in their start towards receiving their greenhand degrees. She hopes this will become a permanent addition to their chapters annual activities and that it will grow in the future!
Brooke will be attending the University of Minnesota pursuing a degree in Agriculture Education Leadership and Communications. During college she hopes to be able to study abroad in Australia and New Zealand learning more about the agriculture industries in other countries.
Brooke has clearly demonstrated leadership on every level of this organization! And I am proud to say, congratulations Brooke, you are this week’s FFA Member of the Week!

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