Thursday, May 30, 2013

Listen to the Little Things

Today was a simple, happy day.

Have you ever had one of those good days? Today was filled with little lessons for my life that I just have to share!

My day started by helping out with my high school's yearbook. The final step in getting the yearbook ready each year is trekking around the community and asking businesses if they would like to renew their ads in the yearbook. Each business donates a certain amount of money to us in exchange for a small blurp about their business in our yearbook. Well, today was that day! It was a great reminder that our communities care about the accomplishments and work we do as students. Hillary Clinton once said, "It takes a village to raise a child," and there is no doubt she was talking about each of our individual hometowns. I love knowing that as I head off to college, I have a support system back home that I can rely on when I am going to need it.

Later in the day, I went about 15 minutes east to New Ulm with my mom to run some errands. As I was waiting for my turn to get my haircut at one of the local salons while my mom was shopping in Wal-Mart, I couldn't help but watch a couple of children get their own haircut. After they were done, the lady who cut their hair asked if they wanted a sucker. The littlest boy, probably around three years old, didn't hesitate at all to grab a delicious treat! I started to think to myself about all of the times I have been offered a small gift from somebody, and proceeded to have a debate inside my head on whether I should accept it or not. I know I'm not the only person to ever think about it, but why do we do this?

Sometimes, we get so caught up in looking polite that we forget to be genuine. Children are the most genuine people I know. They say what is on their mind exactly when it is on their mind, and they know what they want when they want it. Children are so innocent, and maybe that is why we love them so much. After today, I'm going to strive to think more simple like a child. Deciding whether you want to have a pop that your friend offered you isn't necessarily a dire life situation, it's a simple question that requires a simple answer on your mind.

My day was simple, yet filled with a little adventure. It's a little weird to think selling ads for yearbook and watching a little boy accept a sucker would have life lessons, but it really is the simplest things that have the biggest impact. Stop and observe the world around you, there is always something happening.

Oh, and don't forget! Listen to the little things.

Stationed by the Flag,
Brandon Roiger

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