Wednesday, May 1, 2013

FFA Member of the Week: +1 Chapter Member Challenge

Name: ???
FFA Chapter: ???
Grade in School: ???
Favorite Color: ???
Fun Fact: ???

This FFA member of the week is different than the weeks of previous. This FFA member reflects in the member challenge issued by Minnesota FFA advisor, Mr. Larson, at the 84th annual Minnesota FFA Convention. Currently, the membership in Minnesota FFA chapters is at 9,833 members. If each chapter were able to recruit one additional member to their roster, the membership of the Minnesota FFA would surpass the 10,000 mark. So, this week’s FFA member is a “mystery member.”

This member represents thousands of students across Minnesota who have not yet joined and experienced FFA. This member is all of the students who will eventually join. Over 3,000 high school aged students attended the Minnesota FFA Convention this year, but how many more students were left at home? Think about all of the students in your own school that are not a student in the agricultural education program. 

These students, who might even be friends of yours, are missing out on all of the benefits offered through agricultural classroom instruction, FFA, and Supervised Agricultural Experience projects. We don’t have to tell you the benefits, because FFA members, followers, advisors, and supporters are aware of them. But, the people who aren’t involved are unaware of the benefits. Brainstorm your favorite activities through your FFA and share them with other students in your school who would benefit from these activities.

There are several hundred thousand students in the state of Minnesota and the same amount are potential FFA members. The challenge is almost as easy as pie: dare your friends to join the FFA if they are interested or dare them to try it even if they aren’t interested. Sometimes, all it takes is a little risk to discover a passion! All these potential members have to do is take the extra step.

WE DARE YOU to add one more member to YOUR FFA CHAPTER this year.

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