Wednesday, April 24, 2013

FFA Member of the Week: Creed, Coaching, and Community

Name:  Mallory Pagel
FFA Chapter: Fulda FFA Chapter
Year in School: Senior
Favorite Color: Blue
Fun Fact: She loves to sing! She had the privilege to sing the national anthem at numerous basketball games this year.

With the Agriculture Teacher at Fulda High School being her very own dad, Mallory always knew that FFA would become a part of her future.  But after seeing her older sister learn, travel, succeed, and grow through the organization she knew she wanted to be an FFA member.  The idea of one day being able to put on her own FFA jacket filled her with excitement.

Mallory hit the ground running when she became an FFA member.  She went on to be a state champion in both the Creed Speaking CDE and the Poultry CDE!  Attending nearly every leadership conference that is available to MN FFA members and serving on the 2011 State Nominating Committee has helped her to become a true leader, inside and out.  Serving as both a Chapter and Region VI Officer put her skills to the test and helped her to grow.  Because of Mallory's dedication to FFA and involvement at many levels, she has learned how important it is to act as a connector and a coach.

This enthusiastic and passionate FFA member knows how important it is to have community support to help a chapter thrive.  She has been involved in establishing that connection since she first put the jacket on!  Whether it was landscaping at the senior citizens center and cleaning road ditches, or having a petting zoo for the community and putting together an FFA float and stand for the community festival--she has helped her chapter develop a strong relationship and gain appreciation from the community.

On a more personal level, Mallory thoroughly enjoys working with Greenhand FFA members.  She loves the excitement they have toward the unknown and their willingness to give something a chance.  Being that Mallory was a well-versed Creed Speaker, she took advantage of the opportunity to be a coach for the chapter's Creed Speaker this year.  This shows that she knows how important it is to act as a role model and to give that extra push to help someone achieve greatness.

Mallory has discovered her passions and let her talents shine through FFA.  She does what she can to bring this out in the FFA members she works with.  Living a purposeful life that is dedicated to supporting the agricultural industry is on the top of her to do list.  She will be attending the U of M-Twin Cities to pursue a degree in Agriculture.

Congrats to Mallory Pagel of the Fulda FFA Chapter on being this weeks FFA Member of the Week!

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