Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Dog

            Earlier today I saw a person in my dorm room run through being half pulled by his puppy.  It made me think about the life of that dog.  However, the life of the dog that I saw is unknown to me, but I know my dog’s life very well.  Ever since I got my dog, I have treated him like he was my baby.  Every night that I am home, I will sleep in my bed with him curled up next to me.  I have bought him toys and treats more often than I should and, of course, I have thought of him as a family member.  My dog, Riley, means the world to me, and many dogs mean the world to their owner.  However, no matter how good their lives look from our side, we can’t help but think there is a lot of uncertainty in their lives.  When I leave to go to work or school, I know that I am coming back, but how does Riley?  He sees me walk out the door and never knows the length it will take for me to come back.  Sometimes I am back within twenty minutes, but sometimes it’s days on end.  Even though he doesn’t know I will return, when I do, he is elated and loves to see me.  That uncertainty doesn’t matter to Riley because he has complete faith in me and knows that I care about him very much.

            But my life doesn't relate to Riley, right?  When people leave for something, I talk to them about where they are going and when they will come back.  I have communicated with them and know what is going on, and I trust them to come back.  Just like Riley, I trust they will return.  Life is just as unpredictable to us as it is to Riley, but both of us have confidence someone will return.  In life, there are many things that are uncertain to us, like the weather or what will happen the next day.  However, one thing that we can count on is the people around us.  Riley counts on me every time I leave to come back and care for him.  Every time someone leaves me, I know I can trust them to come back.  There is a reason we have trust in people, whether it be shaking their hand or looking them in the eye and feeling they are telling the truth.  There is trust in people because of the good they will show to everyone they meet.  Riley trusts me to return every time I leave.  Are you being the person your pet trusts to return every time you leave?

Stationed by the Door,

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