Tuesday, February 24, 2015

FFA Week

This week marks one of the biggest times of the year in the FFA world. It is National FFA week which spans from February 21st-28th this year. Throughout this week many states, chapters, and members are participating in different activities to show their pride for the organization. These activities can range from Ag Olympics, FFA Trivia, Teacher Appreciation, Dress Up Days, and FFA Advocating.

One of my favorite FFA week activities I participated in  was our teacher breakfast and our teacher pie day. These activities where not only my favorite because we got some delicious food afterwards, but we received an amazing opportunity to show the staff in our school how much we appreciate them. As FFA members we are constantly going to an event or preparing for the next, so it is always important we have the support of the rest of our school staff so we can stay on top of the number one focus, academics. Our teachers have a great deal of patience and understanding, so it is vital they don’t go unrecognized for the support they give to our chapters to let us do out of school activities. This concept can be taken far beyond FFA. We know how great it feels to know you are appreciated, so we can’t let that appreciation stop at us. Every day use this principle to show how much you appreciate the support of your parents, friends, co-workers and other people in your life.

This Thursday many FFA members from across the state have a unique opportunity to travel to the Minnesota State Capitol and speak with legislators about the importance of agriculture, agricultural education, and FFA. Advocating and expressing our passion for the FFA is a major part of FFA week, whether this is in our own school, community, or at the government level. This is crucial because all three groups of people give us a substantial amount of support, and if we don’t advocate for the FFA and agriculture, it may not be there for future generations. Like appreciation this skill goes far beyond the blue jacket; advocating is something we will always use, whether it be for our personal beliefs, our children, or our careers. Just like FFA we need to show our passion and advocate for the things we love, so it is there for the future. 

As FFA week progresses we should take advantage of all the opportunities it provides and find ways to use the skills we learn beyond the jacket. Use the spirt of appreciation during FFA week and spread it around the rest of our life all year long. Never give up a change to advocate for our great organization. Minnesota FFA has great ways to do this on Instagram with this week’s photo challenge, on Twitter with our monthly #FFAChat and on all social media with #ForeverBlue.


Stationed by the Emblem of Washington

Brady Wulf

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