Monday, February 9, 2015

What is AFA?

Have you ever heard about AFA? If not, you are sure missing out! Do not worry, this blog is going to give you a brief overview of what Agriculture Future of America is all about!

"AFA's mission is to create partnerships that identify, encourage and support outstanding college men and women preparing for careers in the agriculture and food industry."

Agriculture Future of America is an organization that is committed to developing young leaders into professionals in the agriculture industry. AFA offers career-development training and community and national scholarships for students interested in the future of agriculture. The AFA Leader Development Model perfectly depicts how AFA uses students' passion, commitment, and talent to further develop leaders' abilities. 

This past November, my teammate Dalton, and I had the amazing opportunity to attend AFA's Annual Leaders' Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. We got to take an awesome road trip down to KC with the other attendees that are from South Dakota State University only to meet other students from all over the country who share our passion of agriculture! AFA Leaders' Conference is a four-track program that is designed for college students at different professional and personal development levels. This year, Dalton and I attended track one. During this track, we learned about resume, career fair, and interview skills, professional etiquette in dining, discovering career paths in agriculture, dressing for success, Five Choices of Extraordinary Productivity, attended an opportunity fair, heard amazing speakers, and SO MUCH MORE. The Opportunity Fair allowed us to put what we learned into action by speaking with different companies in the agriculture industry about potential internships or other opportunities. This conference helped me grow exponentially in my leadership and professional development skills. It was also great for networking with people all over the country and making friends that will last a lifetime. I cannot wait to apply again for track two!

SENIORS AND COLLEGE STUDENTS - AFA offers community based and national scholarships for students pursuing a degree in the field of agriculture. Do you know what is awesome about this scholarship though? You get money for school AND a trip to AFA Leaders' Conference! Scholarship applications can be found at and are due MARCH 20! When? MARCH 20! Please do not miss out on some awesome opportunities and being a part of such a great organization!

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