Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Smile Because it Happened

With the 2015 Minnesota FFA State Convention quickly approaching, I feel a wave of mixed emotions every single day. Excited, nervous, and happy are three of the most common emotions I am constantly feeling when thinking about convention. It is crazy to think that almost 11 months ago, I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to serve Minnesota FFA. This year has truly been an utmost blessing, but my heart aches that my state officer journey will come to a close in just one short month.

I felt the same way just last year when I was a senior in high school. To me, high school was fun! I loved being surrounded by my friends each and every day at school. When you go to a small school like I did, you grew up with your classmates, a majority of my class had gone to school with me in kindergarten. At the time graduation was quickly approaching and it was scary not knowing where life would take us all. We had been there for each other through the easy elementary days, the awkward middle school times, and the "lasts" of senior year. It truly was saddening going through senior year experiencing our last homecoming, state tournament, and sporting events. Our upperclassmen we not lying when they said that this year was going to fly by, it sure did!

One of the saddest "lasts" I had to go through, was the HLWW Chapter Banquet. At the time, I knew that this would be the last FFA banquet I ever attended as a high school FFA member. FFA had been a huge part of my life throughout my high school years, what was I going to do now that it was over? I started to dread that Saturday because I knew it would be horribly sad for my senior member classmates and I. Finally, I got sick and tired of being sad over something that I loved so much. I decided that instead of being upset, I would smile because I was blessed with four amazing years as a high school FFA member.

Do you ever start to feel bad for yourself or sad at the fact that something is coming to an end? That is exactly how I was feeling my senior year and now with state convention quickly approaching! Just remember something, you were blessed with some pretty amazing opportunities that are making you feel that way. Do not take for granted the limited amount of time you have left, just because you do not want it to end. SMILE because it happened, my friends.

Minnesota FFA, thank you. Thank you for allowing me to serve you these last 11 months. I cannot wait to continue to serve members, supporters, and teachers, as a state officer for one more month. You all have truly made this year the best year of my life and one that I will never forget. YOU ALL ROCK! Cannot wait to see everyone in 33 days at the 2015 MINNESOTA FFA STATE CONVENTION.

Signing off....

Stationed by the Plow,

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