Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Weave of Life

For the girl who dreaded going to school each day, monsoon tears flowing down both cheeks as her mom pried her from her leg to get her on the bus, Lois made the days a little brighter. With short, curly black hair, glasses perched on her nose, and a bright smile on her face, bus driver Lois welcomed each of her passengers each morning with warm kindness and a jolly greeting.

Eventually the girl who simply could not fathom the idea of missing all the goings-on at home on the farm while at school slowly discovered the social aspect of school and how much fun learning could be. Soon the quiet, tear spilling girl turned into a social butterfly and bus driver Lois became one of her favorite people and best friends. As soon as she stepped on the bus, plopped her backpack down in the seat behind the driver, she would half stand/half sit, and Lois’s ear would not find rest for the remainder of the route. Lois’s love for coffee was soon discovered by this sweet girl, and before long the early morning conversations were partnered with strong coffee and even stronger stories. From lambing updates on the farm, to the latest and greatest thing her little brother did, Lois heard it all. And she didn’t turn a blind eye (or ear) to the girl who needed it most.

Soon that girl grew up. She made new friends on the bus and started to move further back in the seats on the bus. Of course, Lois was always ready to engage in conversation if prompted, but those early morning consultations soon faded away. One first day of school, the girl stepped onto the bus ready to be greeted by Lois’s warm, bright smile, but was instead ignored by a middle aged man fumbling with papers trying to figure out where he was off to next on the route.


People have this funny way of coming into our lives when we need them most - at the right time, in the right place, for just the right reason. As a 5 year-old, Lois was my perfect person. All throughout elementary school, while teachers and classmates changed each year, one thing remained constant in my life - my bus driver. And I loved that woman. She was kind of like another grandma honestly. But as I grew up and time went on, our conversations diminished, our relationship grew a bit weaker, and then one day she was just...not there.

This is my very first note from Lois. 

While I was sad Lois was no longer my bus driver, I knew I no longer needed her the same way the 5 year-old me did. My mama would tell you Lois was a saint; Lois was the only reason I went to school and the bus rides were my favorite parts of my day. Mama was incredibly grateful for Lois, her friendship, and confidence I was going to be okay. She would send me handwritten notes with cute drawings or sometimes even call to update Mama. Lois would go out of her way to ensure I was comfortable in an uncomfortable space.  It made my mama’s inability to let go a bit easier knowing I had Lois. How do you go out of your way to make a positive difference in someone else’s life?

Throughout life, individuals are weaved in and out of our lives as we need them.

My relationship with Lois wasn’t the only one where I have encountered this realization. Whether it be a friendship with someone much older or younger than you, or a more serious relationship with a significant other, learning how to re-adapt to life can sometimes be challenging.

Specific people can teach us a lot about ourselves in a short amount of time. They can set us back on our feet when we seemed to have lost our footing. They can make us realize how great we really are and the potential we each possess. Sometimes individuals can be weaved back into our lives too - and you never know when that might happen. And sometimes it is okay to step back and see the bigger picture.

Who has weaved their way in or out of your life? How did they impact you? What did you learn from them? Who do we need most? Who needs us? Why?

Life is crazy. Relationships make it better. Surrounding ourselves with others who are going to make us better people is such an important thing to remember. Jim Rohn once said,
“You’re the average of
the five people you spend
most of your time with.” 
Those you surround yourself with are likely influencing your success and could impact your life down the road. Sometimes we have to realize not everyone is good for us either; they taught us our lesson, and now it is time for us to be the bigger person, learn to let go, and move on.  We all need five influential people in our lives. Who are your five? Who considers you part of their five?

We all deserve to be happy. The weave of people in our lives is so, so important. We have the opportunity to embrace it - and control it (sometimes). Once we have determined who and what makes us happiest, we simply get to dance through this weave of life with smiles on our faces (and a few tears sometimes) and enjoy the dance.
Stationed by the ear of corn,

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