Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Something Good in Everyday

So a life update on Spencer. If you read my last blog (which I hope you did), I talked about my goal for this year and how I wanted to make everyday worth it, so at the end of the year I wanted a visual representation of how 2018 went. Well, I have been very good at filling out my year in pixels and plan on continuing with this little project of mine. (It's not too late to join!, you can start at anytime in the year.) I am very proud of the chart I made, I have mine layed out to be the following:

Top 10 Days: Teal 
Great Days : Purple
Good Days: Blue
Bad Days: Green
Terrible Days: Orange
Worst 10 Days: Red

I find a little joy at the end of each day when I fill it out, and get to see the little teal, purple, and blue boxes grow. Filling in  my boxes day by day, they remind me of all the good, happy, joyful things that happened on those days. However, this week was different. Up until this week, all of my days had been good, great, and even two top ten days! I finally had a bad day, and it was a tough pill to swallow. For a few days, I couldn't admit to myself that it was a bad day and couldn't bring myself to fill in the little box with green. I had felt like I had let myself down; like I had failed my goal of making everyday “worth it.”

Then I was reminded of some truth by a quote I saw. “Everyday may not be a good day, but there is something good in everyday.” We all lose sight of our goals at some point, and by not filling in my bad day in, I had lost sight of the purpose of this yearly summary. My goal was not trying to have every day be a good or great day, but it was to make sure I was reminded that I have the choice everyday to make it a good day. It is the bad days that give us something to compare the good days to.

My bad day might have been filled with stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, preparation for a big exam, and words I cannot take back. But that day was also filled with working out with my teammate Kylee at the gym, talking about our days, the things to come in the week, and building our friendship and trust. It was dinner with friends while laughing about good times had that weekend. It was peace when I sat down for the first time to enjoy a breath of fresh air and laughing with my teammate after our weekly team meeting.
During this busy season of our lives, it is easy to find all the things that go wrong in one day, but it is important to remember the good things that happened that day. Trust me when I say they can be hard to find, but I promise they are there; you only have to look. Next time you find yourself thinking or telling a friend about all the things that didn't go right that day, stop and think of all the good that happened too. Find someone who will hold you accountable to this; someone who will listen to your bad days, but also tell you to switch your mind set and think of all the good things.  

I now have filled in that little box green, and it will serve to me as a reminder that it is okay to have bad days, that everyday might not be a good day, but there truly is something good in everyday.

Stationed by the Emblem of Washington 

Spencer Flood 

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