Thursday, September 26, 2019

Deep Roots and Strong Wings

When the winds of change blow, some build walls; others build windmills. Just as it is inevitable that a breeze will blow upon a row of corn, change blows through our lives. Though it may be easier to build a wall between you and change, be a windmill and embrace opportunity. 
There are two key components of a windmill. A windmill has blades and a foundation. In a sense, the foundation of the windmill is its roots. Currently, I am continuing my education at the University of Minnesota to pursue a degree in Agricultural Education. It is because of the difference teachers inside and outside of my chapter have made in me and my peers that I am able to pursue the lifestyle of an agriculture teacher. As I embrace the challenge of pursuing my dream of teaching, I have discovered there are two things we need: roots to remind you from where you’re from and wings to show you what you can become.
Just as the windmill needs a strong foundation to stay standing through the strongest of winds, my roots have kept me stable through the struggles of college. Last week, I visited my home town for our high school homecoming game. As I was leaving the Twin Cities with a couple of my high school classmates, we began to see more and more cornfields and cows, which reminded me of how much I missed home. Once I got to the football field, a flood of reunions occurred, which is why it took me until halftime to find a seat. 
During halftime, the entire crowd recognized a group of highly-honored FFA members, who happen to be some of my closest friends. From September 14-18, Morgan Wingert, Kelsey Biel, Klaudia Biel, and Krista Jorgenson traveled to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with our advisor, Megan Brown, to compete in the All-American Dairy Show Judging Contest. In the end, these girls were awarded High Team in Reasons and High Team Overall, in addition to a handful of individual awards! As our community was cheering, I realized this was one of many moments that has deepened my belief in agriculture. For many people, agriculture is the foundation of friendships, FFA chapters, and communities. In my life, these are the people who have taught me the value of education, agriculture, and community.  Without their impact, I never would have found my reason for becoming a teacher. These are the people who helped me build my foundation; they are my roots.
The blades, or the wings of the windmill, are energized by winds of any direction, no matter how soft or intense. The winds of adapting to college roll in from all directions. Within the first week of school, I have flown outside the walls of my comfort zone and discovered new classes. I’ve had the opportunity to explore agricultural policy and take a small engines and welding course. I’ve met students from across the world, and, for the first time in years, lived without a duck or cow in sight! Every time I feel afraid of the unknown experiences and overwhelming opportunities ahead of me, I think of what my greatest idols are capable of. From my advisor teaching a class of agriculture students to my closest friends winning national contests, it’s clear to see what someone with a strong set of wings is capable of. They are my foundation, and my wings will lead me to my dream of teaching.
As you face change in any portion of your life, be a windmill. Be fearless and demolish any wall that may stand in your way. As the sun rises in the background and the breeze blows through the sky, build your windmill from the ground up. With deep roots and strong wings, the toughest winds of life’s changes will become a breeze.

Love Dearly, 
Maddie Smith

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