Thursday, September 20, 2012

Region 1 Fall Rally

                After a four and a half hour drive, I arrived at Maplelag resort surrounded by the beautiful fall colors of Callaway, MN. As the student began to walk in, I began to worry that there simply wouldn’t be enough room for all of them. But Fall Rally began, they managed to crowd into the dining hall. The excitement was obvious throughout the room as Nicole began opening ceremonies and increased even more when we started the day dancing to Cotton Eye Joe and then split up to begin workshops.

                I facilitated on the FFA experience and had the opportunity to meet with 12 chapters from Region 1, largely greenhand members as well. It became quite evident that although the group was fairly new to FFA, the future of Region 1 was in good hands! As the day rapped up and lunch was served I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with some of the members. They told me about the things they learned and how several of them already have plans of running for chapter office, or other unique paths in FFA. I was also fortunate to have a conversation with one of the many Ag Business representatives who were in attendance at Fall Rally. Overall, the event was well worth the long drives and I am excited to see more from Region 1!

Stationed by the flag,

Jared Luhman

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