Thursday, September 20, 2012


Region VIII Fall Leadership Day

I arrived at Region VIII Fall Leadership Day with Sabrina Keiser this past Wednesday and witnessed what was surely an incredible experience for over 200 students. I watched as the students were separated into two groups and began their experience. Half of the students went straight to workshops while the other half split into thirds and went to one of the available tours. I rode along on the tour to Leashes and Leads where we learned a little bit about the pet industry. One of the other tours that students were able to visit was a dairy farm where they learned about production agriculture, specifically in the dairy field. The third tour gave students a chance to learn about plants and horticulture. Following tours, students took part in a number of workshops developed for either the younger greenhands or the older, more experience FFA members. Region VIII Fall Leadership day went through a number of changes this year, and came out as a huge success. It gave a firm foundation for those just beginning their careers in the FFA, and building upon those already involved.  Congratulations Region VIII, well done.

Stationed by the flag,

Jared Luhman

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