Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The summer camps season started off with a bang on June 25th when over 120 campers arrived at Deep Portage Conservation Reserve for the beginning of State Greenhand Leadership Conference (SGLC). Throughout their five days at Deep Portage these campers learned about the National FFA Organization and how they can begin their journey in the FFA. They learned about Career Development Events, Supervised Agricultural Experiences, leadership positions and countless other opportunities available to them. SGLC campers went home with a better idea of where their place in FFA is and what they can do to reach their full potential.

                As summer went on we found ourselves at State Leadership Conference for Chapter Leaders (SLCCL) on July 15th. This year, SLCCL was different than most years. Rather than the 5 day camps that it has been in the past, we held two identical 4 day leadership camps which allowed us to reach nearly 50 more members than past years. Through their time at SLCCL, these campers worked on student development, chapter development, and community development through a several fun and interactive sessions. Campers also had an opportunity to serve when they worked at a variety of service projects such as clearing hiking trails or hauling wood for Deep Portage. Following SLCCL campers went home better leaders with a list of different ideas to bring home to their chapters.

                Overall, camps this summer was a huge success. Although we faced challenges, such as new curriculum and the change in SLCCL length, we managed to reach tons of members and develop their potential for Premier Leadership, Personal Growth, and Career Success.

Stationed by the flag,

Jared Luhman

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