Wednesday, February 13, 2013

FFA Member of the Week: Why Choose? She does it all!

Name: Valerie Earley
FFA Chapter: Spring Valley-Wykoff FFA Chapter               
Year in School: Junior
Favorite Color: Aqua blue
Fun Fact: Val has more nicknames than you can count : Val Pal, My Pal Val, Vanessa, Yohon, Val.. and the list goes on!

Valerie began her FFA journey in eighth grade. Having grown up on the family farm and being involved with 4H for most of her life it seemed like joining the National FFA Organization was simply the next step. Valerie says she was drawn in by the connection with agriculture.  As she got more active within the organization she quickly realized there was much more to offer than simply agriculture and that only drew her closer to the FFA.
Valerie is only a Junior in high school this year, but this has not held her back from obtaining quite a collection of experiences. Throughout her few years in the FFA she has competed in creed speaking, general livestock judging, dairy foods, extemporaneous speaking, and farm business management. These CDE’s are more than enough to keep her busy yet that did not stop Valerie from attending Region VIII Greenhand Camp, SGLC, SLCCL, POWER 1 and 2, Ag Policy Bootcamp and even WLC. Her passion for bettering herself and those around her drove her to run for office at both the chapter and the region level where she is currently serving as Region VIII Treasurer.
As mentioned, Valerie has a passion for improving the lives of those around her, and one way that she has done this is to start a new program in her FFA Chapter that she calls “Food for Kidz”. Food for Kidz is an event where FFA members will pack meals to work towards ending hunger. She hopes that the program will grow in the future to involve all the students in her school.
Valerie clearly has an incredible passion for agriculture and the FFA. After her graduation from high school she plans to continue in this field by attending a University with a major in Agricultural Education.
Thank you Valerie for everything you have done for the FFA, for your continued passion, dedication, and service to this organization! And finally, Congratulations on being FFA Member of the Week!

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