Thursday, February 7, 2013


"You can't handle the Tooth! And that's the Tooth, the whole Tooth and nothing but the Tooth!"
This quote comes from a movie I watched the other day called, The Tooth Fairy. If you haven't seen this movie, it is about a man who believes that the tooth fairy is a fictional character. In turn, he is taken to the Grand Hall of Tooth Fairy Land and was asked to serve as the tooth fairy for two weeks. As the story progresses, he is encouraged to ask himself the question; "What if?" Through trial and triumph he grows to love his job as the tooth fairy.

After watching this movie, it made me think about the many times I forget to ask myself "What if?" Immediately, I thought back to five years ago, as an eighth grader in middle school. As the snow began to melt springtime was quickly rolling in, and it came time for officer elections in my FFA chapter. As I looked up and down my application, I pondered which offices I would apply for. I began to ask myself this question, "What if I run for chapter President?" After pondering it for awhile, I came to the realization that I was much too young to do well in a position such as that one, so I didn't apply.

Another year came and left quickly, and once again I found myself staring down our chapter officer application on a similar spring day. I was contemplating, yet again, the same question I had just a year earlier. "What if I run for chapter president?" As a freshman I thought, "no I'm still much too young for that position"; but that particular spring I didn't let my fear stop me. That day, I not only asked myself "What if?", but I acted on it. 

With the 84th annual MN FFA convention approaching in less than ten weeks, I have felt myself beginning to believe that I have reached my fullest potential. Although I have no idea where or what I will be doing with my future, I am challenging myself today to continue to ask myself "What if?" 

What if I continue to DARE TO DO after convention? 
What If I run for a executive office in my sorority? 
What if I begin a woman's bible study in my dorm?

Four years ago in a passion filled agricultural classroom I asked myself, "What if I run for chapter president?" Now, I have the divine privilege and honor to serve as a state officer. Four years ago I asked myself, "What if I attend church with my best friend?" Today, I have Faith and a belief I wouldn't be able to live without. Just a year ago I asked myself, "What if I go to school for Agricultural Education?" Someday, I will be able to impact lives and teach Ag Ed with thousands of other individuals across the nation.

Today, I DARE you to ask yourself the question "What if?"

Stationed by the Rising Sun,
Shawna Conrad
MN FFA President

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  1. Shawna you are an insperation to all !! You lived out one of your dreams only to help others succeed in theirs! You have inspired me and many others to go above and beyond to reach their full potential !! You've helped me to grow as person over the past few years and I will be forever thankfull !!
    Thanks always,
    Angel Kasper