Monday, December 31, 2012

FFA Member of the Week: "A HUGE Difference"

Name: Jenna White
Chapter: New York Mills
Year In School: Junior
Favorite Color: Purple
Fun Fact: Contrary to popular opinion (and outward appearances) Jenna is naturally a blonde.

Spend some time with this week's member of the week and it is obvious to see that she wants to make a difference to those around her. She is a leader in her community, her chapter, and the beef industry. Don't let her soft-spoken ways and kind demeanor make you think she is small in her impact; she has great drive and recognizes that working with others leads to better things than working alone.

"You can always accomplish things on your own, but when you work together with your officer team, chapter, region, state, whatever it may be, you can accomplish greater, bigger things that can make a huge difference."

Jenna first joined FFA as a seventh grader because of a friend, however she says she didn't become heavily involved until her freshman year. Showing beef cattle has always been a passion of Jenna's. Her first show was as a second grader and she has exhibited in a plethora of shows since that date, including going to the State Fair. She notes that she syncs up well with her chapter since New York Mills is one of the more active livestock showing chapters in the state. Jenna has competed in the General Livestock CDE, and hopes to do the Job Interview CDE next year. She has also served her chapter in the roles of Reporter and in her current role as Vice-President.

Outside of FFA, Jenna is involved heavily with the beef industry. Although her parents weren't originally from a farm background, they moved to a farm when Jenna was five giving her the opportunity to work with the South Devon cattle on their family farm. Today she serves as the North American South Devon Senior Ambassador, is the Director of the South Devon Junior Board, and is on the Minnesota Beef Ambassador Team. She also plays basketball and hopes to major in Agricultural Communications in college.

Congratulations to this week's member of the week, Jenna White!

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