Wednesday, December 26, 2012

FFA Member of the Week: Hunting, Livestock, and FFA

Name: Ariel Way
Chapter: Alexandria FFA
Year in School: Senior
Favorite Color: Blue
Fun fact: Ariel immensely enjoys hunting.

Ariel joined FFA when he enrolled in the Intro to Agriculture class in 9th grade as a chance to learn more about an industry that he loves, agriculture.  He also saw it as an opportunity to network with other students who share many of the same interests as he does, including farming. 

Ariel wasted no time getting involved in his chapter.  He is a member of his chapter’s General Livestock Career Development Event team.  Ariel is also serving as the chapter President.  He is using the knowledge he is gaining as an FFA member and as an Agricultural Education student to prepare for a future raising livestock and farming.

Ariel’s favorite thing about FFA is meeting new people.  Through meeting new people and taking advantage of different opportunities, Ariel is increasing his knowledge of agriculture.  He credits FFA with providing the platform for this learning.   Ariel has used his skills of encouraging other people to get involved and organization to help his chapter.  He enjoys being able to use his skills to “get things done.”

His love of agriculture has spurred him on to use events held at school to educate the community about agriculture.  In a large urban community such at Alexandria, there really is a need for agricultural education.  Ariel has seen this need and is working to meet it.  He is also working to use FFA events to educate his high school.   He helped to organize a career fair and Ag Olympics during FFA week to help illustrate the opportunities in agriculture.  Ariel also seeks to increase the size of his chapter by being active in recruitment events.

Congratulations to Ariel Way, this week’s FFA member of the Week!!!

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