Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Grateful Givers

                Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the chapter meeting and Christmas party of the Hancock FFA chapter. When you think about a Christmas party, what comes to mind? Maybe you think about receiving gifts, or possibly the food, snow, lights, music? All of these are common things that come to mind when we talk about Christmas. But is this really what Christmas is about? Hancock FFA found a different way of celebrating this holiday. With over 75% of their membership in attendance, they made the trip to Morris where they went shopping and bout shoes, shirts, pants, and games for children whose families can’t afford to purchase gifts. As a chapter, they were able to make this holiday special for 5 young boys and girls in their communities.
         Hancock FFA members check out after shopping for 5 boys and girls in their community
            After our shopping extravaganza, we all enjoyed ice cream and pizza and I was astonished to see these members act with kindness towards each other. They would offer to take each other’s garbage, to refill a drink, or to get someone’s ice cream. It was humbling to watch them give of their time and efforts to help others. It reminds me of what this holiday is all about. It isn’t about getting gifts, eating food, or listening to Christmas music. While all of these are fun, Christmas is about celebrating the things that we are blessed with, the members of our chapter we have to support us, or maybe it’s that  behind the scenes man in charge (our FFA advisor).     Hancock FFA after Christmas party.
Being thankful for our friends and our family that we have surrounding us who encourage and support us in our every endeavor. This holiday is about being thankful for what we have and giving back.    
                Today I dare each of you to consider what is important in your life and what you are thankful for. Next take the opportunity to let them know why. Show them the appreciation you feel. Secondly, I dare you to give back. Giving does not require money, or a significant amount of time. Giving can be as simple as helping someone across the street, taking someone’s garbage. Whatever you have the ability to do, take action and do it. Take advantage of this season to be grateful givers.

Respectfully submitted,
Jared Luhman
MN FFA Reporter

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